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We specialize in crafting projects purpose built for your needs, whether that means installing a backup generator for your home or modernizing your building. 

Image by Sebastian Scholz (Nuki)


From basic troubleshooting and replacement of switches or outlets, all the way up to new construction home wiring, we have the expertise to do what you need.


  • Whole-home electrical usage monitoring

  • Electrical monitoring for specific devices

  • Home heating monitoring & programming

  • Leak, smoke, and CO detectors

  • Security camera & security system installations

Contact us for other concerns you may have, and let us help you get your home squared away.


As lifelong Alaskans, we know all too well how quickly life gets difficult get when your home or facility loses power. Installing backup power, or the option to connect to backup power, can help you weather any sort of weather and raise your property value. We specialize in:

  • Converting existing critical home systems to run off of portable generator units

  • Installing pad-mounted generator units to run your whole home or facility when power transfer is needed

  • Sizing portable generator units to run critical home systems, if already set up

Whether your home is a cabin off the grid or a multi-family rental facility, we will be happy to talk to you about your concerns.

Big Backup Natural Gas Generator for House Building Outdoor.jpg
Image by Michael Fousert


We are fully certified to install ChargePoint electric vehicle chargers! ChargePoint's EV chargers are UL-listed, ENERGY STAR rated, and backed by a 3-year warranty for peace of mind.

  • In-Home Car Chargers

    • ChargePoint's HomeFlex system charges up to 9X faster than any standard outlet and has a universal connector for any EV vehicle.​ 

    • The HomeFlex charger can charge your vehicle 12--37 miles of range per hour depending on circuit size.

  • Commercial Car Chargers

    • Level II ​Chargers

      • Level II charging operates up to 6X faster than a Level I standard wall outlet and can charge your vehicle at 12-25 miles of range per hour. ​

    • DC Fast Chargers

      •  DC Fast chargers can charge your vehicle at 100-200 miles of range per hour, depending on the vehicle. Many vehicles will charge to 80% within 30 minutes.

  • Incentive Programs

    • Chugach Electric, Alaska Power & Telephone (AP&T), and the federal government provide incentive programs for electric vehicle purchases and charging installations. ​

Looking for a different type of EV charger? Or unsure of what you need? Let us know what type of installation you're looking for and we can work with you to customize your personal system. 

We provide free assessments and quotes for EV Charging installations; we also assist with finding you rebates that might help make your project more economical!

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